More Significant Than a GALAXY

“So, both Genesis and science say that the universe is geared to supporting human life. But Genesis says more. It says that you, as a human being, bear the image of God. The starry heavens show the glory of God, yes; but they are not made in God’s image. You are. That makes you unique. It gives you incalculable value. The galaxies are unimaginably large compared with you. However, you know that they exist, but they don’t know that you exist. You are more significant, therefore, than a galaxy. Size is not necessarily a reliable measure of value, as any woman can tell you as she looks at the diamonds on her finger, and compares them with lumps of coal.” -John Lennox “Seven Days That Divide the World

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,
  1. Dan Tsouloufis Reply

    Great quote by John Lennox!

  2. O que Significa Yeshua Reply

    very good your content congratulations.

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