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3 Hopes and 3 Challenges for Growing in Community

3 Hopes and 3 Challenge for CGThe church I attend (Redeemer Fellowship) does a great job of emphasizing the importance of small group gatherings.  We call these gatherings community groups (CG), and the function of each CG is to provide a place to gather for community, fellowship, prayer, and service.  The focus is on the gospel and the groups are biblically driven.

Since the fall of 2010, I have had the privilege of leading a community group (CG). This year I put forward three hopes and three challenges for our group as strive to grow in community with each other:

Hopes for 2013:

1. Our CG would not be a mere social gathering, but we would be a Christ-centered group that strives to grow in godliness and in our love for God.

2. Our CG would be place of deeper intimacy and fellowship; we would all be and feel known.  Though we may not become best friends–this may happen!–we would strive to be a community of individuals who know and care for each other.

3. Our CG would be a place of honesty in struggles and sanctification.  We would not just put on a ‘happy-face’ for CG, but will honestly share our struggles, hopes, triumphs in our lives, and share how God is helping us to repent of sin and grow in belief and application of the gospel.

Challenges for 2013:

1. Be committed.  Commit to making CG a priority in your life and schedule and commit to praying for each other.  This will take sacrifice, but will result in richer fellowship.

2. Be sacrificial in serving.  Let us reject the consumeristic approach to relationships, and seek to be like Jesus, serving each other.

3. Be honest.  Let us know how you are, and how we can help each other.


What hopes or challenges do you have for your small group? 

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By Tom Schmidt

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