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I’m preaching tomorrow on Romans 6:15-23 at Cross of Christ Fellowship. This passage causes a Christian to reflect on some of the secular myths of our present culture moment; it also challenges us to be reoriented to the TRUTH as revealed in this passage and other places in Scripture.

Here’s 4 Secular Myths We Face Today:

Myth #1: I can be neutral toward God

I can choose not to believe or follow God and remain neutral to God. My choice in this way does not mean that I am opposed to God or opposed to God’s will. I can be neutral.

The TRUTH is this: there is no real neutrality when it comes to the one true and Living God. We are either doing His will or opposing His will. We serve God or we are opposed to Him (Romans 6:16).

Myth #2: The best freedom is the freedom to do whatever I want.

We are told that the BEST freedom is personal autonomy. It includes the freedom to sleep with who I want, choose my own gender, believe what I want, do what I want.

The TRUTH this this: the best freedom possible is the freedom from the power and penalty of sin and the freedom to know God and walk in God’s ways. Someone once said a violinist is most free to be a violinist when he or she has a working violin and is making music; he or she does not become more free to play music by abandoning all rules, but by rightly using violin with others. So, humans are most free when we are using our souls and bodies to do what they were designed for, which is to glorify God and enjoy Him with others, now and forever (Romans 6:20-22).

Myth #3: Being committed to doing God’s will is impossible, because we cannot know God’s will.  

We are told that there are too many religions all claiming to tell us who God is. Thus, we are led to think that it is impossible to know God’s will or even what He could want from us.

The TRUTH is this: God has revealed His will for our lives in His Holy Word, the Bible. We can know what God wants us to do by reading the Scriptures and by following the God the Holy Spirit’s leading in our lives. The path of following God is the path of eternal life; this path comes by receiving the gift of righteousness given to us in the gospel (Rom 6:23).

Myth #4: Christianity is about keeping rules and laws that steal my joy.

Christianity is presenting as a bunch of moralist trying hard to keep rules. It is presented a religion of moral law-keeping and looking down on others.

The TRUTH is this: Christianity is about a restored relationship with God, a relationship of love and obedience to God, expressed by following God’s will for our lives. Following God’s way actually leads to greater joy, not less (Romans 6:16-23).

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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