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5 Long Term Hopes For Our Church Plant: Cross of Christ Fellowship

5 Long Term Hopes for Our Church Plant: Cross of Christ Fellowship

We hope and pray that God will work through our church plant Cross of Christ Fellowship to bring about long term impact to the cultural landscape of Naperville.  Specifically, we pray for five areas of redemption:Naperville Illinois Church Plant

1. A greater presence of those who proclaim the gospel (through the conversion of many who are lost in Naperville) in the major subcultures of the city (affluent, immigrants, youth, lower-income)

2. A growing attitude of godly humility and repentance of ‘thinking too highly of oneself’

3. A new perspective on community–valuing its importance above comfort and independence

4. A radical generosity and reorientation of wealth–more people using their finances to bless others and further the work of the kingdom

5. A ton more churches being planted in Naperville, Chicago and its suburbs, and beyond

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By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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