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Beatitudes Rewritten to Reflect Modern Ministry Practices (Wilson)

Beatitudes Rewritten to Reflect Modern Ministry Practices (Wilson)

Considering the topics and interests which are popular at many ministries conferences today, Jared C. Wilson says in his latest book (The Pastor’s Justification) that we should probably “rewrite the Beatitudes” in order to “better suit the modern age’s self-confident church”:

Blessed are the type-A personalities, for theirs is the enjoyment of success.
Blessed are those who remain unfazed, for they will be self-confident.
Blessed are the powerful, for they will inherit celebrity status.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for temporary success, for they will have their reward.
Blessed are the dynamic purveyors of religion, for they will be the envy of many.
Blessed are the pushy, for they will have much to be proud of.
Blessed are the cool, for they will be called gurus.
Blessed are those who are recognized because of their achievements, for theirs is the renown among men.” (82-82)

By Tom Schmidt

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