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Hope of Christ this CHRISTMAS

Here are the audio and notes from my sermon preached in Naperville at our Carol Service at Cross of Christ Fellowship.

“Hope of Christ” (Matt 12:21, Isaiah 42:4)
and in his name the Gentiles will hope.”

Intro: TONIGHT, I want to speak to you as a Christian about the HOPE that Jesus Christ offers.
-What gives you hope in this life? (Children’s success; career; relationships; future plans)
     -The hope that is offered to us in Christ is even better and more secure than all these.
                 1 A Prophesied Hope; 2 Fulfilled Hope; 3 Present Hope

1. A PROPHESIED HOPE: Spoken of 2,700 Years Ago
PROPHECY: is a statement given by God about a future event that will take place.
     -The hope of Christ is a prophesied hope: it was foretold long before it took place.KIDS: How good are you at predicting the future?
     -Could you tell me what will happen later tonight? (eat cookies) Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? 100 years? 700?
                 -Did you know: Bible records statements made hundreds of years before they took place                                                            -God knows all things—including future—God spoke about future events.
-2,700 a prophesy was given by an Israeli prophet named Isaiah
     -It was about the coming Messiah, who would come bring salvation to Israel
                 -It ended with this line: “in his name the nations will hope” (Isaiah 42:4)
                             -All the nations would hope in this promised Individual.
                                         -Hundreds of years God’s people were waiting for this to come to pass
QUESTION: How would it happen? Who would fulfill it? 

2 A FULFILLED HOPE: Jesus is one who fulfilled the Prophecy of a Future HOPE
The prophecy of Isaiah 42:4 was fulfilled in Jesus.
-We know this because in Matthew 12:21, the apostle quotes this Scripture and applies it to Jesus.
     -God the Son, eternal, truly God
     -Became a human the first Christmas and dwelt among us.
                 -Lived a holy life, never-sinned
                             -Fulfilled the ministry of the promised Messiah:
                                         -Healed the sick, raised the dead, taught about God.
     -HOPE Fulfilled in unexpected way: through his death.
                 -Jesus spoke about his impending death and resurrection.
                             -HOW would Jesus death bring hope?
     -UNIQUE DEATH OF JESUS: Jesus’ death accomplished something for humanity
                 -Jesus’ death paid for our sins, by dying in our place.
OUR NEED: Things are not right.
     -Romans 3:23; Romans 6:23
                             -We need to get right with God.
                                         -Romans 5:8
-Salvation Comes as GIFT: Eph 2:8-9
     -This brought hope to Israel
                 -It also brought hope to the nations around Israel: they could become right with God!                      

3 A PRESENT HOPE: Jesus gives us hope TODAY
Thousands in Naperville, millions in America, Billions around the world are putting their hope in Jesus.
     -We can have a very real present hope in Jesus today.The hope Jesus offers is better than the hope you will find anywhere else
     1 We can have our sins forgiven and be right with God
     2 We can know that good wins in the end: Jesus overcame Satan, sin, and death (resurrection
     3. Through Christ we know God. This is better than all other hope.

CLOSE: Believe in Jesus and experience the HOPE that only he can offer: John 3:16

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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