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How Reading the Bible Impacts My Life

How Reading the Bible Impacts My LifePsalm 51

The Bible is where I hear God’s voice.  God truly exists and He truly speaks to His creation. As Francis Schaeffer titled one of his books, ‘He is There and He is Not Silent.’  Reading the Bible allows me to hear from God and learn about who He is.  My mind is filled with the knowledge of God’s character and my heart is able to rest on His promises.  God uses His Word to convict me of my sin, help me see areas where I can grow in godliness, and to provide me with wisdom as I think through various decisions which need to be made.

As we need to eat food everyday to nourish our bodies, so our souls need the daily nourishment of feasting on the knowledge of God.  Reading God’s Word stirs up our love for God and love for others, and clears away the lies we have been subtly believing from the world and the devil.  This feeding encourages us and gives us perspective on our trials, hopes, and fears.  I need God’s Word in my life and want it to be louder than the voices of the world and my circumstances.

When I approach the Bible I try to remember the truths of the gospel: God has reconciled me with himself through Jesus Christ and I can add nothing to this–reading my Bible will not make me any more acceptable to God. God has already completed and totally accepted me in Christ!  So I read the Bible because I already am accepted and right with God, I obey and seek to love more God  and hear His voice in light of this reality.

How does reading the Bible impact your life?


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