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William Perkins’ Summary of the Bible


This past weekend some guys from my church and I spent two hours discussing William Perkin’s ‘The Art of Prophesyingperkins.’  We had different guys take turns presenting summaries of the chapters (my friend Dan’s summary can be found here) and helped each other think through the content and application for today.  It was a very helpful and edifying experience.  Suffice today, we all agreed that even though this book was written 400 years ago, it is still relevant today.

I felt really challenged to grow in my ability at articulating the bigger story, or summary of the Bible.   Perkins gives an excellent example of how to do this concisely and well here:

“The sum and substance of the message of the Bible can be summarized in an argument (or syllogism) such as this:

Major Premise: The true Messiah shall be both God and man, from the seed of David. He shall be born of his heavenly Father’s bosom. He shall satisfy the law. He shall offer himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the faithful. He shall conquer death by dying and rising again. He shall ascend into heaven. In due time he shall return for judgment.

Minor Premise: Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Mary, meets all of these requirements.

Conclusion: Therefore Jesus is the true Messiah.” (ch. 2)

How would your summary be similar or different?

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