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Phil 1:3 A Reflection and Prayer: MY God

Lord, I praise you that you are our Father (1:2) and as our Father you known my deepest and most profound needs. I am thank you that though I was once estranged and alienated from you (Col 1:21), you brought me near through Jesus Christ and made me a child of God(John 1:12-13) . Now I know your Fatherly care and love.

I myself am a father to three sweet children. I feel a tenderness and care for them. But your heart toward me is even more affectionate and tender. You love with a perfect love, a perfect compassion, an unfailing love.

I also thank you God that now that I am in Christ, I joyfully refer to you as “my God” (1:3). Once I did not call you my God, but simply God. Sure, I believed you were my God, but I never experienced the sweetness of knowing a personal communion with you until I became a Christian at the age of 18. It was then that my heart came alive and I began to know you as my God, a God who is immensely powerful and immensely close. You are a God I can cry out to in joy and in pain, when my heart is bursting with gladness or weighed down with sorrow or despair. Through it all, you are MY God.

O God, may we as a congregation see the sweetness of knowing you as our Father and our God. Let us cling more tightly to you in our hearts as each of us says, “MY God” and “MY Father.”

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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