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10 Questions to Help You Apply the Gospel

10 Questions to Help You Apply the Gospel

Here’s 10 questions I came up with and used in our church plant core team to help us consider and apply the gospel to our lives and community. (If your familiar of Tim Keller, you can see his influence!) By God’s grace it was a great discussion! I hope these help you and your small group:

1. What is the gospel?

2. How would you explain the gospel to an unbeliever?

3. How is the gospel distinct from moralism? How is it distinct from irreligion?

4. How is the gospel relevant for all of one’s Christian life?

5. How does repentance and belief in the gospel relate to our sanctification (growing in godliness)?

6. How does our understanding of the gospel change over the course of our life?

7. How might our tendency to fall back into sinful ways of thinking and emotions reflect a forgetting or disbelieving the gospel?

8. How have you struggled to believe or live out your belief in the gospel this week?

9. How have you grown in your understanding of the gospel this week?

10. How can we be a gospel-centered community?

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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