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2 Analogies that Help us Think about This Present Age

2 Analogies that Help us Think about This Present Age

Christ has won the victory over Satan through his overcoming temptation and his death at the cross and resurrection. But often it feels like the victory is not real or here yet, especially with all of the tragedy and evil in the world around us.Yet scripture assures us that victory is sure and true (Heb 2:14). Although we have to see things through and already and not yet lens, there is a true victory and a true casting out of Satan that has taken place through Jesus at the cross.

D DAY VS V DAY: One of my professors once said it is comparable to D Day vs V Day in WWII. At D Day (when the allies stormed Normandy) in many ways the victory had already been won but the process was completed at V day, when the war was declared over. D Day is the cross and V Day is the second coming of Christ. We live in between these two times as believers, and our enemy has truly been defeated yet he is in the final death throes.

LIGHTENING/THUNDER : Another analogy is given by Leahy in his book “Satan Cast Out” with Lightning and Thunder. Leahy states: “ in objective reality these are virtually one, but from our standpoint, owing to the fact that light travels much more quickly than sound, there’s usually a time lag between seeing the flash and hearing the thunder. With God the victory and the judgment are all in the cross. [John 12:31; 16:11]… but to the believer who lives in time, there is a time-lag between the lightning and the thunder, between Satan being cast down and hearing of the crash of his fall. With God there is no such gap and at the final judgment, when time will have ended, we shall see for ourselves that the cross stood at the heart of history and that there Satan was in fact cast out.” (30).

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