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“Satan Cast Out” Quotes

“Satan Cast Out” by Leahy Quotes

Here’s a few helpful quotes by Leahy from his book “Satan Cast Out

“God has given Satan no dominion over man. Man is within ‘the dominion of Satan’ (Acts 26:18) only because of his sin. In revolt against God, he aligned himself with Satan. In this sense Satan is his ‘god’ and ‘prince’; man is a captive in the jurisdiction of darkness (Col 1:13).” (24)

“Satan’s relation to men consists only in a common guilt and sinfulness; when the guilt of the redeemed is ended by the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus their connection with Satan’s domain must also end.” (26)

“It is, indeed true that by God’s permission the kingdoms of the world (in so far as sin rules in the hearts and lives of the leaders and also of the individual members of the nations) have been delivered to him [Satan]. Thus Jesus Himself spoke of him as the prince of the this world. But He did not mean it in an absolute sense as the arch-deceiver himself pretended. Only to the extent that mankind surrender themselves in sin to the evil one does God permit him to rule over the world of men, but nevertheless always under His highest and final overruling, so that everything in the end leads to His glory. God never lets the reins slip out of His hands” (44)

We must strike a Scriptural balance between the truth that Satan is a crushed, defeated foe, and the truth that he is on the prowl like a hungry lion. In other words, we must avoid the extreme of regarding him as a reigning foe, and the extreme, equally wrong, of not taking him serious.” -Leahy “Satan Cast Out” (47)


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