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2 Ditches to Avoid When Placing Your Faith in Something

2 Ditches to Avoid When Placing Your Faith in Something

It seem there are two opposites errors one must avoid when considering placing your faith or trust in metaphysical statements (statements about God, reality, origins, supernatural).

ERROR #1: MYSTICAL SPIRITUALIST. This error says, it doesn’t matter what the propositional content is that you believe in, but simply that you believe. Believe whatever you believe, and if you do believe that is what is good. This is an error because believing what is false is deadly in our everyday life—if I believe a glass of drain cleaner is water it will kill me no matter how hard I believe. The same is true in regard to spiritual reality: the God who is there has communicated who He is through propositional truths found in the Bible. If God is who He is, then it doesn’t matter if don’t like what I see: there are deadly consequences failing to obey His law and for not approaching Him on His own terms—He is God!

ERROR #2: NATURALIST (No Supernatural, No God). This error says, any claims to metaphysical realities are unfounded, because there is no supernatural realm or God, instead we must use reason and logic to understand our world. It is an error, because there is no proof that God does NOT exist—what science experiment has shown this? And even more, the naturalist him/herself lives a life full of faith in things which cannot be proven (reason, sense perception, memory, personal testimony of another).

Thus, the naturalist has enormous FAITH in REASON, but cannot account where it has come from or how we know it is trustworthy, while the SPIRITUALIST use reasons to persuade us to embrace a FAITH in contrary to reason.

What we need is a right use of reason—recognizing its limitations—and a faith placed in that which is true—reason helping us to get there.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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