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3 Ways We Can Know God (Machen)

Machen gives us 3 ways we can know God in his book “What is Faith,’  with the third being the most vital and essential:

1. We can know God through Nature: Nature reveals God. It tells of an incredible designer, who Creator and ordered the universe. In it, we see God’s power and majesty. But in it, we don’t learn of His grace.

2. We can know God through or conscience: Our conscience testifies to us that there are some actions which are good and others that are evil. Deep down, we know some things are absolutely evil. This knowledge reveals that God has established his laws on our conscience, even if we try to supress it.

3. Most Importantly, we can know God most fully through the Bible: In the Bible, “God is known…in an entirely fresh and peculiar way. True, the Bible does repeat and enforce what ought to have been learned elsewhere; it does reinforce the voices of nature and of conscience; it tells us anew that the heavens declare the glory of God; it presents the law of conscience with a new and terrible earnestness as the law of God. But it does far more than all that; it also present God in loving action, in the course of history, for the salvation of sinful men.”(77).

It is only through the Bible that we can truly come to know God, for it here that we learn about God’s gracious and kind provision for us to be reconciled to him through Jesus Christ, which is the gospel! Jesus and his death on the cross reconcile us to God, and we can only come to know this through God’s Word, the Bible.



By Tom Schmidt

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