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Calvin on Prayer

Calvin on Prayer

I’ve continued my quest through John Calvin’s Institutes and been surprised by how incredibly practical and devotional it has been.  Time and time again I find my heart encouraged and better equipped to love the Lord and others.Institutes

This past week I finished Calvin’s treatment on prayer.  Here’s some of my favorite quotes and insights

Importance of Prayer:

“Words fail to explain how neccessary prayer is, and in how many ways the exercise of prayer is profitable.” 3.10.2

 Prayer is Comparable to Children Coming to their Parents

“For prayer was not ordained that we should be haughtily puffed up before God, or greatly esteem anything of ours, but that, having confessed our guilt, we should deplore our distresses before him, as children unburden their troubles to their parents.” 3.10.12

 The Four Rules of Right Prayer:

1. Reverence

2. We prayer from a sincere sense of want, and with penitence

3. We yield all confidence in ourselves and humbly plead for pardon

4. We pray with confident hope

Praying in Jesus’ Name:

“Since no man is worthy to present himself to God and come into his sight, the Heavenly Father hiself, to free us at once fro shame and fear, which might well have thrown our hearts into despair, has given us his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, to be our advocate [1 John 2:1] and mediator  with him [ 1 Tim 2:5], by whose guidance we may confidently come to him, and with such an intercessor, trusting nothing we ask in his name will be denied us, as nothing can be denied to him by the Father.” 3.10.17

Definition of Thanksgiving Prayer:

“In giving thanks, we celebrate with due praise his benefits toward us, and credit to his generosity every good that comes to us.” 3.10.28

Importance of Prayer in Private and at Home:

“whoever refused to pray in the holy assembly of the godly knows not what it is to pray individually, or in a secret spot, or at home.  Again, he who neglects to pray alone and in private, howeverunremittingly he may frequent public assemblies, there contrives only windy prayers, for he ders more to the opinion of men than to the secret judgment of God.” 3.10.29


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