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Church in Downtown Naperville

Church in Downtown Naperville


Our church, Cross of Christ Fellowship, worships in downtown Naperville. We host our worship services at 9:30 on Sunday mornings in the DuPage Children’s Museum, which is at 301 N Washington St. Naperville. This requires lots of serving: we have a team of individuals that show up early each Sunday morning to setup our sound system/communion/projector/screen (and stay late to tear it down), we have volunteers who transform rooms into nursery and children’s ministry, we have musicians bringing instruments, we have others bringing coffee, etc. Our worship space itself is a cafeteria transformed by curtains and a projector screen!

dcm 7-17-16
A Sunday Morning Worship Service at the DuPage Children’s Museum

Finding a worship space in downtown Naperville is an answer to prayer! As a new church–a church plant–we long to bless and serve the residents of downtown Naperville. This is why we are so thrilled to find a worship space in downtown Naperville area. (Here’s a previous post on why we love meeting at the DuPage Children’s Museum). It’s great to be located right in the place that we seek to minister and for it to be so geographically central–not mention the fact that after a worship service we are extremely close to parks (where we host church picnics) and tons of great restaurants (where we sometimes go after a worship service for church) and the Riverwalk!

We love Naperville and pray that our church might be a blessing to our community and to surrounding communities. Some of the areas we focus on serving include volunteering at a retirement home, discipling and mentoring college students at North Central College, and hosting discussion groups for those in the community who want to talk about faith, God, and meaning (we meet at the Barnes and Noble Cafe in downtown Naperville).

So if you are new to Naperville, especially if you are near the downtown area, we would invite you join us this Sunday at worship service.


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