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Church At DuPage Children’s Museum

Church at the DuPage Children’s Museum in Naperville

Since Easter of this year (2016), our church plant (Cross of Christ Fellowship) has been hosting public worship services at a space we rent in the DuPage Children’s Museum in downtown Naperville. What’s it been like? Why rent space to meet and host worship services at a Children’s Museum?

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4 Reasons We Love Meeting at the DuPage Children’s Museum in Downtown Naperville:

1. We LOVE the LOCATION! The DuPage Children’s Museum (DCM) is located in downtown Naperville (301 N Washington St). As a church we want to be in the downtown area, and that is where this location is! It is centrally located and is a well-known in the community.

2. We LOVE the FACILITIES and STAFF! The facilities are perfect for a new church like ours. We host our worship services downstairs in the cafe area, which is set up with chairs and curtains. The curtains really help with feel of the room. The size is perfect for our main gathering, and we have additional rooms on the lower level and the main floor for nursery and children’s ministry. The facility is well-maintained, and the staff are INCREDIBLY helpful and friendly. It is always a joy to be there.CCF Sign

3. We VALUE the MISSION of the DuPage Children’s Museum. This organization truly cares for children and desires to see them learn and grow and understand the world around them. Along with hosting various exhibits, they have excellent educational and fun stations for children of all ages to learn and play in.IMG_0352

4. We LOVE meeting in a PUBLIC space. For some individuals church means a traditional church building. But the Bible does equate church with a building, but with a people who meet to worship Jesus, hear the Word of God preached, and celebrate the ordinances of the church (communion and baptism). There are lots of advantages to meeting in a non-traditional church building. To name a couple, meeting in a public space can be less intimidating for some individuals who are new to church. It also allows us to participate in the community of Naperville.

If you are new to the Naperville area, or looking for a home church in Naperville, we’d love you to join us on a Sunday morning 9:30 at the DuPage Children’s Museum (301 N Washington St).

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