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CURIOUS ABOUT CHRIST: A 7 Week Exploration of Christ

Starting on Sunday Sept 16, our church (Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville) will be hosting a weekly study called “Curious about Christ.” For 7 consecutive Sundays (6:30-8 PM at the Barnes & Noble Cafe in Naperville), we’ll be considering the person and work of Christ, and how Christ helps us make sense of life’s deepest questions.

The study is designed for those who are not Christians and know little about Christ or the Christian faith.

Here’s our schedule and list of topics:
1. What did Christ say about Himself? 9/16
2. How does Christ bring us back to God? 9/23
3. How does Christ give meaning to our lives? 9/30
4. What does Christ teach us about SPIRITUALITY? 10/7
5. How does Christ inform us regarding the AFTERLIFE? 10/14
6. How does Christ help us think through SUFFERING? 10/21
7. How does Christ shape how we think about other religions or faiths? 10/28 \

Please pass this on and share with those who might be interested.

We also have a meetup page:

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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