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Our hearts feast daily. We find things to savor and enjoy and consume. We can’t help it, we were made this way. We are worshipping creatures made to worship the Living God.

Jesus saves us to feast on God in our hearts. He is the bread of life that came down from heaven (John 6:35, 48). He came and rescues us from our sin and estrangement from God; he came to bring us back to God, back to enjoy and worship God. This daily and moment-by-moment feasting is a precious treasure for the Christian: we have been saved to know and enjoy God forever!

We feast on God as we behold Him in His Word. Reading the Bible fills our mind with truth and knowledge of who God is. We see His eternal nature and our hearts savor the glory of God. We see His justice and hearts chew on how utterly different God is and how pure He is. We see his grace and our hearts take in the thrilling news that God has worked in history to save us and bring us back to Himself. We see God’s personal nature–as three persons united in love and as one who God who reveals Himself to us and allow us to know Him–and our hearts taste the goodness and beauty of God.

Feasting happens as we recognize how God is, commune with Him, enjoy Him, love, and obey Him. It happens as our minds and hearts are filled up with more knowledge of God. Feasting requires intentionality on our part and a recognition that our hearts were made to feast on Christ.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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