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Biblical worldview: As creatures made in God’s image we are given a particular freedom and dignity to make decisions. We are not slaves to our genes or pre-programmed machines; we are have true freedom—though a limited freedom. Only God—the one true God in all of existence who has revealed himself in the Bible and through Christ—has “libertine freedom:” absolute freedom. Our freedom is that of creatures in God’s created world (“natural freedom”.

A biblical approach to freedom is not found in casting off all authority and constraint, but flourishing within the proper constraints imposed upon me as a creature and under God’s legitimate authority. I am not more free when I try to be non-human or try to live in a reality apart from God or try to take the place of God, nor am I more free when I cast off God’s laws or God as the foundation for metaphysical, epistemological or ethical truth. I am less free, just as a violinist is less free to be herself and flourish when she does not have a violin or other musicians refuse to play the same music at the same time under the authority of the director. I’m chained to sinful actions and desires and unable to trust God or His good designs for my life and Creation. The biblical worldview is that no one is free do what is morally right (“moral freedom”) because we have all turned away from God and His design (SIN). No one is free and we are all in need of a Savior—what we have so wonderfully in Jesus Christ.

Defined biblically, human freedom is not absolute autonomy and absolute authority to do whatever I want. A biblical vision of freedom is this: the liberty to flourish within the created parameters of my existence and under God’s legitimate authority and for His glory.


By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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