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O Pleasant Perfect Christ

When we struggle with the fear of man (people-pleasing), what we need is a renewed vision of our perfect Savior:

O Pleasant Perfect Christ,
Fully God and fully human,
You know my temptations yet never succumbed to them yourself.
Your family and friends thought you were a lunatic,
Unmoved you remained, sturdy to the end.
The world hated you and called your truths a lie;
You never budged, never compromised.
Satan tempted you and offered you ease and comfort;
‘Man lives not by bread alone,’ was your reply.

You are pleasant, O perfect Christ!
Our hearts are glad in the thought of you.
Even more than pleasant, you are the King of glory:
Infinite might, eternal reign.
More than this, you gave your life as a ransom:
Dying for our rebellious people-pleasing filth,
Leaving us forgiveness, you made us alive;
You changed our hearts, and redeemed our minds.

O pleasant perfect Christ,
Help us;
We want to only live for your pleasure.
And in this our hearts will be glad:
Pleasing you is our true treasure.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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