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The RESULT of the Incarnation

Here’s my sermon notes from “The RESULT of the Incarnation” preached on 12/25/22 at Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville.

Phil 2:9-11 “The RESULT of the Incarnation”

Intro: Merry Christmas! How do we as Christians understand the significance and importance of Christmas?
-Christians focus on the INCARNATION.
                  -Incarnation= God became man (God the Son came to Earth and became a human)

Christmas sermon series in Phil 2:5-11
      –FACT of the incarnation: It really happened. God the Son came to Earth. 2:5-7.
      –WHY of the incarnation: Why did Jesus come to Earth? To save us from our sins by dying on a cross. 2:8
      -This week: RESULT. Focus on 2:9-11.
                  What was the result? Was Jesus successful in his mission to save us? What happened after his death on the cross?

What was the RESULT of the incarnation? Jesus was successful and deserves to be honored!
      I. Jesus was successful in his incarnate ministry. He accomplished what he sought to do.
      II. Jesus deserves to be honored for who he is and what he did.

I. THE SUCCESS of Jesus’ Incarnation (Acts)
Our passage assumes you know the fact of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension into heaven
-Jesus rose again from the dead. Acts 1:3-4
-Jesus, after 40 days, ascended into heaven. Acts 1:9.
-Jesus will one day return again. Acts 1:11
      -Jesus completed the mission of the Messiah: to save God’s people from their sins by dying on the cross, & rising again.
                  -Such a person and such an accomplishment deserves to honored!

1. God has honored Jesus. 2. One day everyone will honor Jesus.

1. God Has Honored Jesus (2:9):
Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name,
-God has “highly exalted” Jesus
        -We exalted greatness (successful career, innovation, sports, movies, artists)
                   -God the Father has highly exalted Jesus!
                               -This is an indication that God has accepted the sacrifice of the Son for sinners.
-God has bestowed on Jesus the name that is above every name”
                  -Name here, refers to the “Lord”=God’s very name!
                              -Note: Jesus did not become God—was always God from eternity.
                              -But here was vindicated as the God-Man,
                                          -Bestowed upon him as victorious Messiah King.
Jesus has the “Name ABOVE every name”
                  -Great names in sports, film, history
                              -Jesus’ name is greater!
-God the Father Honors the Son!
John 5:22-23

APP: This Christmas be sure receive the gift of SEEING THE GREATNESS OF JESUS!
Jesus really is supremely great. And it is God’s intention that all would recognize that.
                  -It is a gift of God behold the truth of Jesus and to treasure him as your God and King.
                              -Pray for God to open your eyes to the truth of this.
      -Before I was a Christian, I thought life was found in relationships, music, and friends.         
      -When I became a Christian, God opened my eyes to the greatness of Jesus.
                  –AUGUSTINE: Our hearts are restless, until they find rest in Jesus.                           

2. One Day Everyone Will Honor Jesus (2:10-11)
Here we see the future acknowledgement of every person, that Jesus is God and worthy of honor.

-EVERY Knee Bow:
      -SCENE at end of Return of the King where Aragorn. Hobbits honored “you bow to no one.”
                  -God’s intention: EVERY knee bowing to Jesus. 
                              -In heaven: angels
                              -On Earth: humans alive when Jesus returns;
                              -Under the Earth: already dead and will be resurrected
-EVERY Tongue Confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord: Acknowledgement that Jesus really is God and king!
      -Jesus really is the Lord, the king, God in the flesh.
                  -One day everyone will acknowledge this.
-These are future events, which will certainly take place!

*NOTE: This does NOT mean everyone will experience salvation. But it does mean that one day everyone will have to acknowledge that Jesus really is God and king.
      -Many people will go to hell. But they will have to acknowledge Jesus is God and king.

-All this happens for the Glory of God the Father: 11b
-Everything exists for God’s glory
                  -Even our salvation took place to bring glory to God!

APP: This Christmas Receive the Gift of BOWING YOUR KNEES BEFORE JESUS
-It is a gift to have Jesus as your lord and savior.
      -Receive this gift today, the gift of salvation offered to us in Jesus.
                  -Eph 2:8-9
                              -Bow your knee before Jesus now and confess now before it is too late.

CONCLUSION: What is the result of the incarnation and Jesus’ ministry on Earth?
      Jesus was successful in mission on Earth and he deserved to be honored!
Let’s worship Jesus and treasure him together this Christmas.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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