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The Task of a Preacher

The task of a Christian preacher is not to entertain people but proclaim God’s Word. God’s Word tells us far more thrilling realities than any earthly excitements or titillating stories. It tells us about the glory of God, about the grace of God, about the love of God. It leads us to marvel at our triune uncreated God and love Him with all our hearts in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Every week we need to be shown what is real: the exciting and wonderful truths about God. We forget. We drift to earthly things.

We need to see the amazing truths about God found in His Word. The truths are already there—we don’t make them up. The truths were already true—we don’t make them true. They are there and ready to be heard as a gospel minister stands up and proclaims them.

Truths about God feed our souls. They fill us up. They rekindle love. They awaken joy and delight. They bring conviction and realign how we live.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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