Oh Seductive Self-Pity

Self Pity HorseOh Seductive Self-Pity

You woo me with your claims:
‘I was overlooked!’
‘I was mistreated!’
‘I was wronged!’

Your logic is persuasive:
‘They should have known better!’
‘It’s obvious I’m right!’
‘I deserve to feel upset!’

Your view of reality intoxicates me:
‘I deserve better!’
‘They should apologize!’
‘They need to understand my pain and respect me!’

I’m drawn in and embrace your fleeting comfort:
‘It’s okay to feel bad about myself.’
‘How tragic my life is!’
‘Nothing could be worse than this!’

Lower and lower I sink into your arms;
I’m safe here in my sullenness.

Picture Credit: chez_worldwide via Compfight cc

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,
  1. Ryan Fishel Reply

    Like puritan poetry! Beautiful and helpful!

  2. Tom Schmidt Reply

    Thanks Ryan! The puritan style was definitely part of the inspiration…

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