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Oh Seductive Self-Pity

Self Pity HorseOh Seductive Self-Pity

You woo me with your claims:
‘I was overlooked!’
‘I was mistreated!’
‘I was wronged!’

Your logic is persuasive:
‘They should have known better!’
‘It’s obvious I’m right!’
‘I deserve to feel upset!’

Your view of reality intoxicates me:
‘I deserve better!’
‘They should apologize!’
‘They need to understand my pain and respect me!’

I’m drawn in and embrace your fleeting comfort:
‘It’s okay to feel bad about myself.’
‘How tragic my life is!’
‘Nothing could be worse than this!’

Lower and lower I sink into your arms;
I’m safe here in my sullenness.

Picture Credit: chez_worldwide via Compfight cc

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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