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A Transforming LOVE

In Phil 1:9 we learn of Paul’s prayer for the Philippians. He prayed that their “love would abound more and more in all knowledge and insight,” so that they would “be able to approve what was excellent.” What we see here is the transforming power of love in the life of a Christian.

An abounding love for God and one another changes us. It leads us to have a different attitude in our hearts to what is excellent. Perhaps we once found God boring or irrelevant, or we thought studying His Word or character a waste of time. Now that have come to know and love God, and grow in that love, we find God majestic and beautiful. We see that He is supremely excellent and delighting in what He delights in to be excellent.

The same happens in our relationships with others as our love for one another grows. When I love my neighbor, and that love grows more and more, what I approve to be excellent in my heart is changed. Perhaps I once thought lust or self-righteousness or selfishness were excellent, now I desire purity, humility, and sacrificial kindness toward those around me. Loving another transforms what I approve of as excellent in my heart.

This then is a great prayer for us to make for ourselves and our churches: Lord, let our love abound more and more.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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