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Acts 26 Sermon

Here’s my sermon on Acts 26, preached at Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville, IL on 3.10.24.


“Paul Before Agrippa” Acts 26
Dune II hype; we share about what we care about; when we find something beautiful/true/good
There is NO greater news than the news of the gospel.
      When we grasp the gospel, we proclaim the gospel.

-Near the end of the book and the focus is on the apostle Paul and journey to Rome
      -Paul has returned to Jerusalem and faced multiple attempts on his life and stood trial before Jews and governor
           -While in custody, Jesus appeared to Paul: encouraged him and promised that he would be a witness in Rome (23:11)
                -After 2 years in jail, Paul made an ‘appeal to Caesar’ that he might not be delivered to Jerusalem and go to Rome
                              -Before Paul is sent off to Rome, he will be examined before King Agrippa for further questioning.

Today: Paul is before king Agrippa and high officials in Caesarea.
      -We see that he utilized this opportunity to proclaim the gospel.
                  -Paul is a MODEL for us learn from and encouragement to share the gospel ourselves.
                              -I pray we would learn from Paul, and make the best use of the opportunities to proclaim Christ
                              -I pray that we would see afresh how wonderful and amazing the gospel is: motived to proclaim
                                                      When we grasp the gospel, we proclaim the gospel!

I. Paul Before King Agrippa (1-3)
-Paul is before King Agrippa and the high officials(1-3)
      –4 Herods! 1 Herod the Great (Matt 2), 2 Herod Antipas (beheaded John Baptist) 3 Herod Agrippa I (Acts 12)
                  -Herod Agrippa II (Acts 26).
      -Herod Agrippa II was Jewish and “familiar with all the customs and controversies of the Jews”

OBSERVE: Jesus promised that Paul would be a witness to kings (Acts 9:15), and here it is.
      -God sovereignly brings opportunities for us to share the gospel (Col 4:3-5)
                  -Often come in times and ways we don’t expect or plan!
APP: May God grant us the grace to ‘make the best use of the time’ and share the gospel

II. Paul’s Speech (4-29)

Dog fans? Dog with a bone
      -Paul was ‘like a dog with a bone’ with the gospel.
                  -Paul possessed a ‘dogged’ commitment to proclaiming Christ.
-Paul’s Former Life (4-11)
      -Formerly, a very religious strict Jew (4-8)
-Resurrection of the dead and its fulfillment in Jesus (8)—1 Cor 15:20 “Christ the firstfruits
            Formerly a persecutor of Christians (9-11)
-Very active (and aggressive) in trying to stop the spread of Christianity

OBSERVATION: Jesus changes lives!
      -If your life is no different than before you were a Christian or no different now than unbelievers: not a Christian.
                  -To be a Christian is to have Jesus as the Lord and Savior of your life, your God and king.
                              -Paul experienced this remarkable change, and if you are a Christian than you have too.
                                          -This happened to me when I was 18: I want Jesus to be FIRST in my life now.

-Paul’s Conversion and Calling to Ministry (12-18)
      -Paul’s Damascus Road CONVERSION (12-15)
-Recorded first in Acts 9
                      -“light from heaven, brighter than the sun”=the light of the glorified, resurrected Christ (remember transfig)
                  -Paul fell to the ground and confronted with words of Jesus: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?
                              -To persecute Christians is to persecute Jesus
                                          -Jesus’ words to Saul: It is hard for you to kick against the goads
-These words show the futility of fighting against Jesus
                  -Jesus reveals himself to Paul (15)
                              -Paul now see the truth of who Jesus REALLY is!

*OBSERVE: Who took the initiative for Paul to become a Christian? GOD!
      -God’s sovereign grace, calling Paul to Himself.
                  -If anyone becomes a Christian, it is only because of God “effectually calling” him to Himself.

      -God’s Calling on Paul’s Life (16-18)
                  -Jesus appoints Paul for a specific purpose—to be his witness (16)
                  -Jesus will deliver Paul as he engaging in gospel ministry (17)
                  –GOSPEL MINISTRY (18)
                              -“to open their eyes”: to recognize the truth of who Jesus really is!
                              -“turn from darkness to lightJohn 3:19-21; Col 1:13-14
                              –“turn from…power of Satan to God” Eph 2:1-3
                              -“may receive forgiveness of sinsCol 1:14
                              -“may receive… a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me” Eph 2:12-13

1 This understanding of the gospel, REFRAMES how we VIEW OURSELVES
-If I am a Christian, God has brought about these changes in my life!
                  -Even in my failures and battle with sin, THIS IS TRUE FOR ME!
                              -Ray Ortlund “CHEERFUL DEFIANCE”
2 This understanding of the gospel REFRAMES how we VIEW THOSE NOT CHRISTIANS YET
-Those around who are not Christians have not experienced these things.
                  -Their greatest need is to become right with God!
                              -If we are to see others in truth, it must be informed by this
3 This understanding of the gospel REFRAMES how we VIEW EVANGELISM
-Gospel is the power of God for salvation (Rom 1:16-17)
                  -The GOSPEL is GOOD NEWS!
                              -God is far more wonderful than all the trinkets of this world.
                                          -The gospel is far more relevant than all other news!

                                                      *When we grasp the gospel, we proclaim the gospel!

-Paul’s Heart: to Proclaim Christ (19-23)
      -Paul’s past gospel ministry (19-20)
                  –NOTE: preaching of “repentance” (20)
      -Paul experienced God’s HELP (22a)
                  –We too can experience God’s daily help in our lives.
                              -God’s Help: Rom 8:26à1 TEMPTATION, 2 HOLINESS, 3 EVANGELISM
      -Paul wanted EVERYONE to hear the gospel (22b)
      -Paul’s message was centered on Christ’s death and resurrection (23)

-Paul’s Unashamed Evangelistic Hope (24-29)
      -Paul interrupted by Festus (24)
                  -Paul responds and redirects his speech to Agrippa (25-27)
      -Agrippa interrupts Paul (28)
                   -Paul’s unashamed evangelistic hope (29)

*QUESTION: Is Paul’s heart our heart? Is Paul’s approach our approach?
-We too are called to faithful proclaim the gospel
      –Let’s CONFESS together: Idols of Comfort and Ease and influence of the world can cool us in our affections.
                  -May God grant us grace to repent of sin and hold fast to Christ
                              -May a fresh glimpse of the gospel lead to bold witness of the gospel.

III. The King’s Response (30-32)
-Paul is innocent (30-31)
      -He did not do anything deserving ‘death or imprisonment’
-Paul is headed to Rome (32)
-The ‘appeal to Caesar’ of Acts 25:11 now leads to this.

APP: Integrity in a Christian’s life is vital to the witness of the gospel
      -May God grant us grace to pursue holiness in our own lives.

When we grasp the gospel, we proclaim the gospel.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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