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Bread of Life Meditation

Bread of Life Meditation

Jesus, you are the bread of life (John 6:35).

My life can only be nourished by feeding on the knowledge of you. My heart can only be happy when its happiness is rooted in joy (Augustine).

Apart from you, my soul withers. All other sources of joy, wonder, and meaning only leave me empty and my heart emaciated. But you are a spring of life that never runs dry. You constantly refresh and brighten my heart’s eyes, so that I can see clearly your beauty and enjoy you freely.

The bread of anxious toil (Ps 127:2) is a disastrous substitute for you. I often nibble on it throughout the day, or when I wake up in the morning. I chew on worries, anxieties, and schemes of fixing and controlling things. I think that if I can work hard enough I can change circumstances and make situations turn out a particular way. How foolish I am—you give rest to your beloved (Ps 127:2)! Unless you build my life and ministry, and unless you watch over me, all is vain striving and vanity (Ps 127:1).

Jesus, help me to lay aside the bread of anxious toil and feast on you. To fill my mind and heart with the knowledge of your character and acts: to see how you raised the dead, healed the sick, spoken tenderly to the frightened, rebuked the arrogant, laid down your life in love for sinners on the cross. Let the vision of the redemption I have in the gospel grip my affections, and expulse all other counterfeit impulses which deceitfully say they will satisfy. Only you can satisfy.

Let me not be like the Pharisees in John 6, who worked for earthly and temporary conveniences and glories. Let me work for the bread that lasts (John 6:27), the knowledge and enjoyment of you and doing the works you have prepared for me.

Eternal life is knowing you Christ (John 17:3), not gaining possessions and success. Help me to feast on you and see that this is infinitely better than the bread of earthly accolades and worldly security.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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