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Church in WAITING (Acts 1:12-26 Sermon Outline)

Here’s the sermon outline for “Church in WAITING” (Acts 1:12-26), preached at Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville. You can find the audio here.

Acts 1:12-26 “WAITING”
: Waiting in Chicago traffic; seasons of waiting (Abraham, Egypt, 40 years in dessert, Messiah)
        -Christians go through seasons of waiting: (spouse, job, relief, help)
                    -The scene we are looking at today in Acts is a time of waiting, waiting for the promised Holy Spirit.            
                                            M.S. In times of waiting, God cares for His people and gives them grace to follow Him.
: Acts is part 2—the continuation of all that ‘Jesus began to do and teach’
 -GOSPEL of Luke is part 1: Jesus is Son of God who brought kingdom of God to Earth and came to save us from our sins.
 -Acts tells us about the establishment and expansion of the kingdom of God on Earth through the church.
         -Acts 1:1-11: 40 days of resurrected Jesus with his apostles, teaching them about the Kingdom of God.
                     -Promise and Commission: H.S. is coming (waiting in Jerusalem); you will be my witnesses; Jesus ascends to heaven
TODAY: Church in waiting: 10 days of waiting in Jerusalem for the promised baptism and empowering of the HS.
        -Brief period, but part of God’s plan for His Church, right before they began gospel ministry in power of Spirit.
-We see that part of God’s plan for his people included a time of waiting—God also gives us times/seasons of waiting.
        -We see faithfulness in times of waiting, as God’s helps his people as they wait: God helps us as we wait!
                                In times of waiting, God cares for His people and gives them grace to follow Him.

-The apostles obeyed Jesus’ instructions (Acts 1:4) to ‘not depart from Jerusalem’ (12)
        -They trusted what Jesus said and obeyed him.
                    -They were waiting for the ‘promised Holy Spirit’ to baptize them and give them power for ministry
                                *APP: In times of waiting, it is good to obey God.
 -Saul is the example of how we should not act in times of waiting: 1 Samuel 13:8-14
-Saul “forced himself” (v 12)
                    -Looked pragmatic and practical, but was sinful.
EXAMPLES TODAY: marry an unbeliever; sex before marriage; arrogantly putting self forward; impatience; disobedience; grumbling;
                                      In times of waiting, it is good to obey God and experience the grace of obedience.
-The apostles gathered with other believers (13-14)
-11 apostles listed (v13)—NOTE: no Judas Iscariot
        -Others believers too: women; Mary, the mother of Jesus, and his brothers
                                –NOTE: Jesus’ family did not accept him as Messiah in his life, but did so after his resurrection.
QUESTION: What was this group doing as they were waiting?
 APPLICATION: In times of waiting, pray and experience God’s grace through prayer.
        -Praying alone; Praying with others: church, spouse, friends, CG.

We learn how the apostles replaced Judas Iscariot. We see God’s care for his church in providing Matthias and leading them in this.
 -Peter, the leader, stands up (15)
        -Peter was one of the main leaders of the Early Church, and we see his leadership here.
                    -‘about 120 persons’=this was size of Early Church (parable of mustard seed: Matt 13:31-32)                     
-Scripture (specifically, the Psalms) predicted Judas’ defection (READ 16-17)
-Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, and led the priests & soldiers to Jesus who arrested him. (16-17)
                    -Judas was guilty and responsible for his wicked behavior
                    -At same time, God was sovereign, and predicted & ordained it to be.
                                -BOTH are taught in Scripture and we most hold both.
        -Luke recounts some of the details of Judas’ death (18-19)
-These give additional details to what we read in Matt 27:3-10
                                -“acquired a field”=technically, the priests used his money to buy it after he died.
                                -“falling head long be burse open”=he hanged himself, so probably body fell and broke open after
                                            -These accounts are compatible, not contradictory.
        -Peter recognized the apostacy of Judas and need to replace him was spoken of in Psalms (20)
-Defection predicted (Ps 69:25); Need to replace Judas (Ps 109:9)
                                -Jesus taught Peter and apostles how to read Scripture (Luke 24:27)
                                            –NOTE: The apostles were led and informed by God’s Word.
*APP: In times of waiting, it is good to be led and informed by God’s Word.
        -It is good in all times, but we are particularly helped in times of waiting.
                    -In times of waiting, we feel the pressure to compromise. Here we desperately need God’s Word to inform us.
                                -In times of waiting, stay in God’s Word and experience His grace to help you follow Him.
-A REPLACEMENT for Judas was Needed (21-22)
        -Requirement: Needed to be with them during all the time of Jesus ministry, and resurrection appearance
                    -Commentators: Judas needed to be replaced because of his apostacy. Others were not replaced after death
                                -THERE are NO living apostles today.
-Two options are put forward (23)
-These men met requirements, and possibly both could have done a great job.
                    -But the apostles are not sure who should be chosen: Joseph (Barsabbas/Justus) or Matthias.
                                –NOTE: The apostles are preparing for next season of ministry (Acts 1:8)
APP: In times of waiting, take wise steps to prepare you for what is next.
        -My friend waiting for spouse—trying to be most godly man he can be.
                    -QUESTION: How can you take steps forward in maturity as you wait on what God has for you?
-Prayer for DIRECTION is made (24-25)
-They sought God’s help and guidance for this important decision.
                    -Recognized God’s greatness: Lord, who know the hearts of all,
-God knows YOUR heart, if you believe and love him; your fears and hopes; your needs!
-Prayed for guidance: show which one of these two you have chosen 25 to take the place in this ministry and apostleship from
                    which Judas turned aside to go to his own place
                                -Jesus chose the apostles (1:2), and he would choose Judas’ replacement.
-Jesus SHOWS whom has chosen (26)
-The apostles cast lots (26a)
-Equivalent of casting dice but with an awareness of God guiding and directing.
                                -OT precedent (Josh 18:6—dividing land; 1 Chron 25:28—dividing up labor duty in temple; Jonah 1:7)
                                            -Proverb 16:33
        -Jesus SHOWED that he chose MATTHIAS as the lot fell on him (26b)
                    -Jesus caused the lot to fall on Matthias
                                -Here we see God’s care and grace for his church as they wait.
QUESTION: Should we cast lots or dice today in seeking guidance from God?
        –Stott: important when reading Acts to recognize the distinction between description and teaching.
                    -All the events in Acts are not necessarily there to teach how things normally or should happen but what did happen then
                                -If a teaching or action is clarified in rest of NT, we need to follow explicit instruction.
        -Zero other mentions of casting lots to receive direction from God in the NT
                    -ALSO, this event did occur before the baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2
        -Normal way today of making decision is Scripture guidance, prayer, and acting in wisdom (reason & common sense), providence
                    -EXAMPLE—Considering spouse: Scripture, prayer, wisdom, providence.

: In times of waiting, God cares for His people and gives grace to follow Him.

Faithfulness in waiting
: God calls us to faithfulness in times of waiting. We aren’t given a pass to sin because it is hard to wait.
        -It would be reckless and sinful for me to drive on sidewalk and pass all the traffic because I’m tired of waiting.
                    -God calls for holiness in our lives as we wait.
                                -But often we do sin in times of waiting. We find it hard to patiently wait.
-We think we are in control and get to dictate time/schedule—we think we’re God!        -We distrust God’s timing and plans—and so like Saul, we try to force things.
        -We mistakenly think what we’re waiting for can satisfy—only God can.

JESUS: Came to Earth to save us from our sins, including our sins in times of waiting.
        -He never sinned in his life, and showed us perfect waiting: 30 years till he began his ministry (Luke 3:23)
                    -His death on the cross covers all our sins. If we believe in him we will be saved.
        -KING: Jesus is God and king, and gracious and kind. He gets to decide the timeline for our lives.
        -WISE: Jesus shows us the wisdom of God in salvation. If God was wise in salvation, He is wise in making us wait.
        -SATISFYING: Jesus leads us back to delight in God. Only God can satisfy.
                     -TODAY, we can come to Jesus for help in times of waiting: He gives us fresh grace as we wait on God.
-All of the Christian life is a waiting life

        -We wait for Jesus to return; We wait for God to make all things right                   

-Non-Christian life is also a waiting life

        -There is a day of Judgment coming, and God will hold you accountable for all that you have done
                    -Hell is a real place, and we wait for the day when many will go there.
                                -Come to Jesus today, and be assured of waiting for eternal life, not eternal death.
                    *In times of waiting, God cares for His people and gives grace to follow Him.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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