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Contrasting CRITICAL Theory with Christianity

I recently finished reading Childers’ book on progressive Christianity called “Another Gospel?” It’s a helpful contrast between what is known as “progressive Christianity” (the latest version of theological liberalism) with historic, biblical Christianity.

I appreciated her section on critical theory as well. Here’s how the wholehearted embrace of a critical theory worldview contrasts with biblical Christianity:

Who are we? According to historic Christianity, we are human beings made in the image of a holy, loving, and just God. According to critical theory, our identity is not found in who we are created to be, but in how we relate with other groups as defined by our class, gender, sexual preference, and so on. What is wrong with the world? According to historic Christianity, sin against a holy God is what’s wrong with the world. According to critical theory, oppression is what’s wrong. How can this be problem fixed? According to historic Christianity, the sin problem is fixed by Jesus taking the punishment for our sins upon himself, dying the death we deserve, so we could be reconciled to God. But according to critical theory, the problem of oppression is fixed by activism, raised awareness, and the overthrow of oppressive systems and their power. What is the meaning of life?According to historic Christianity, it’s to glorify God. According to critical theory, it’s to free groups from oppression.” (“Another Gospel?” page 60-61)

By Tom Schmidt

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