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Dick Lucas on 3 Qualities of a Leader God Uses

In a sermon based on the life of Joseph (Gen 37-50), Dick Lucas gives 3 qualities of a leader that God uses. We see these as three things that God develops about in Joseph as He uses him to save Israel.

1. Patience

Joseph had to learn patience. Although God revealed to him in a dream that one day he would be an exalted leader (Gen 37), he had to wait many years for this to come to pass. These years included time spent working for Potipher, and time spent in prison. Lucas notes how God was developing patience, perseverance and endurance in Joseph through all of this and how this is what seems to often do in the life of those who chooses to lead God’s people.

2. Humility

As a young man, Joseph appeared to be boastful. He boasted about he dreams God gave him to his older brothers (Gen 37). Yet God allow Joseph to be humbled this many difficult and painful circumstance. The result was a humble person who humbly received his older brothers (who betrayed him) back and humbled recognized God’s sovereign plan over all (Gen 50:20).

3. Gratitude

God taught Joseph gratitude. This was again learned in the fire of affliction. Such seems to be the way that God often works in the lives of those whom God chooses to lead His people.

If you have time, I would reccomend listening to the whole sermon here.

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