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A Faith ROOTED in TRUTH (Titus 1:1)

“What is truth?” said Pilate to Jesus on the day of his crucifixion. Such a question we hear in our culture. What is truth anyways? Can anyone actually possess it? Or are all truth-claims mere power-plays?

The shocking claim of Christianity is that it tells us THE truth about reality. A Christian is a person who has “knowledge of the truth” (Titus 1:1b). This knowledge is not comprehensive, but real and true. A Christian knows where the world came from, why we exist, where history is headed, what is wrong with the world, how things can be made right, what happens after we die, what God is like, how we can be reconciled with God, and why life is not meaningless. The biggest and most important metaphysical questions are answered for us.

Though our post-truth culture hates such claims being able to know and possess the truth, to have the truth about these topics is ours as a gift from God. It was given to us in Christ, who is Himself the truth (John 14:6). He authorized and sent the Apostles, who were filled with God the Holy Spirit and inspired to write the New Testament, which is true testimony. Here, along with the Old Testament, we are graciously given access to the truth about reality. Such truth is precious and we need not be bashful or ashamed of it. It is not arrogant to claim to have access to the truth if you really do have access to the truth. And such truth is what the world desperately needs to hear in the midst of its darkness and confusion.

I find that meditating on this reality, that I as a Christian know the truth about reality because God has graciously given us this in Christ and through the Bible (and not because I’m smarter than others), to be peace-giving to my mind and heart. Here, I have a foundation to stand upon. I have a pillow to lay my head down on. I may not understand everything I want to know, especially when I am in the midst of suffering or life is not turning out the way I want it to, but I do have what I need to know because of Christ.

May God ground us as Christians to see that we have access to the truth about reality through Christ. And may He allow us to see its relevance in our day to day living.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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Great post Tom! I liked your question, “Or are all truth claims mere power-plays?”. Many adherents of postmodernism are skeptical of any truth claims made by those who are in positions of power and influence. Thus, the goal of the Christian is to show that any such truth claims are not so much driven by ideology, but by a desire to point to and reflect reality (as you clearly articulated).

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