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Life is a Tragedy is Agnosticism is True

If agnosticism is true, life is also a tragedy. Agnosticism is the view that God might exist, but is impossible for us or anyone to know what God is like or what ultimate reality consists (questions like ‘why is there something rather than nothing?’ ‘what happens after we die?’ ‘what is morally right or wrong regardless of human opinion?’ are all ultimately out of reach). We are lost in the clouds of uncertainty and skepticism. We are chained to the shackles of the unknown, and all we know is that we do not know. Could there be more to life than physical pleasure or creature comforts? We do not know and cannot know. Could God exist and speak to us, and invite humans into a relationship with Him? We do not know and cannot know. Might there be an afterlife for us, a way of live on after we die physically? We do not know and cannot know. Is there a right or wrong way to live, are hate or love just preferences or is there a way we are supposed to live that is good and beautiful and true? We do not know and cannot know. Surely, if this how life really works and how reality actually is, then life is a tragedy.

(NOTE: agnosticism is a self-refuting philosophical approach to life. For the person who holds it claims that questions about ultimate reality are unknowable. Yet we must ask, ‘how do you know that about ultimate reality?’ If your view of ultimate reality is true, then you cannot know it is true, or even know that you ‘all you know is that you do not know.’)

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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