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One Last Look at Acts

It was a great privilege to preach the book of Acts at Cross of Christ Fellowship. This weekend I preached ‘One Last Look at Acts’ that sought to summarize and restate some of the truths we learned while in the book. Here’s the audio and notes:

One LAST LOOK AT ACTS (4/7/24)

INTRO: We just completed 46 Sundays in Acts!
     Today: One Last Look at Acts…                 We’ll remember and consider 6 things from this book together.

1. The Main idea of Acts is the Spread and Establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth
Daniel 2:44-45
     Matthew 4:17
                 Acts 1:3, 28:31

                             *KINGDOM OF GOD DEF by Goldsworthy:God’s people, in God’s place, under God’s rule.”
-My understanding of Book of Acts: What’s it about?
     “The establishment and expansion of the kingdom of God on Earth through the church, as God’s people—filled with the Holy Spirit and
     led by the apostles—bear witness to Jesus and those called by God respond in saving faith.

APP: God’s kingdom truly is here and we are part of it, and Jesus is the king!
-Our ultimate allegiance is not to America, but Jesus
                 -It is this kingdom that lasts into eternity

2. The Book of is a Unique and Precious Part of God’s Revelation
The whole Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to us.
     -Every book of the Bible is unique and precious
                 -Every book helps us behold God, worship Him, and obey Him.
                             -This is certainly true of Acts.
-Acts is unique in that it tells us the historical record of what took place in the first 30 years of the Early Church.
-God has given us an inspired, authoritative historic account of some of the earliest day of the Christian Church
                 -God didn’t have to give us this book, but His graciously did
-Acts records of for us the “continued works” of Jesus by the Holy Spirit in the Church
                 -Acts is part 2 (part 1 is Luke).
                             -Christ continues to change lives, by His Spirit through His Church
 -Acts helps us appreciate the historical context of the NT letters.
      -Paul’s Letters: Galatia, Thessalonica, Philippi, Corinth, Ephesus, Romans
                 -When You Read NT ASK: How does Acts help me understand the context of this book or situation?
 -Acts also shows the fulfillment of OT themes and prophecies
     -Christians are now the people of God: made up of Jews and Gentiles
                  -Worship is not confined to a physical temple, but Christians are the temple!
                             -When You read OT ASK: how does this find its fulfillment in Christ and expression in Acts?
-Acts shows us a picture of some ways the church ought to look
     -Acts 2:42:
The ordinary way that God supernaturally works to sustain and nourish his people.

3. Acts helps us Remember and Rejoice in the the Faithfulness of God
-Acts 1:8: This is gradually fulfilled. 
                 -By the end of the book we see an initial fulfillment of this complete
-Acts 2: Holy Spirit
-Fulfillment of Joel
-Gentiles Coming into the Church
     -Fulfillment of Gen 12:1-3 and Isaiah 49:6
                 -Book starts with 120 Jewish followers of Jesus, and ends with thousands of Jews and Gentiles
-Promises made to Paul.
     -Paul received encouragement and comfort from God’s promise to Him.

APP: Rejoice in the faithfulness of God!
     -Take his promises and hold tightly onto them.
                 -Let them ground you rather than your own understanding.

4. Acts Shows us the Absolute Necessity of the Holy Spirit for Gospel Ministry and Christian Life
Church had to ‘wait’ until the Holy Spirit came upon them on day of Pentecost
     -Acts shows us the necessity of the Holy Spirit for our ministry and lives as Christians

APP: Let’s be dependent on the Holy Spirit as we seek to live out our Christians lives and minister
     -We cannot overcome sin in our own strength or minister the gospel in our own strength
                 -The Holy Spirit empowers us for ministry and helps us live holy lives.

5. Acts Lifts our eyes to God’s grace!
-Peter’s Pentecost sermon was focused on Jesus and the grace of God shown to us in Christ
     -Christ-centered preaching, that surely marked the rest of his ministry
                 -In Christ we experience the GRACE of God toward sinners.-Paul’s conversion is a stunning picture of grace
     -Paul (Saul) was a fierce opponent of Christianity (Acts 8:1-3)
                 -Paul was saved out of sheer grace, not his works. (Acts 9)

APP: The gospel is the message of God’s grace shown to us in Christ!
-God’s grace is able to save even the fiercest persecutor of Christianity.         
                 -We should not write any one of off but pray for them conversion.
                             -Let’s marvel at his grace in our lives too!

6. The Story of Acts Shapes the Story of Our Own Lives
There is a better way to live than trying to create our own life’s story.
     -We can rejoice that we are part of God’s good story of grace and redemption.
                 -We can take part in the good works of sharing the gospel
                             -We can engage in ‘mercy ministry’
                                         -We can be instructed by the apostles through reading the NT
                                                     -We can be filled and led by the Holy Spirit
                                                                 -We can rejoice that Jesus is the king and his kingdom will never end.

APP: We are part of this story
     -Our church is part of this story
                 -One day our part will be over.
                             -One day Jesus will come back and the next chapter will begin.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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