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Easter Sermon 2024

Here’s the audio and outline for my Easter sermon (2024) preached at Cross of Christ Fellowship. The text is 2 Tim 1:10 “LIFE & IMMORTALITY.” More sermons can be found here.

 “LIFE AND IMMORALITY!”: EASTER Sermon 2024 (2 Tim 1:10)

 INTRO: On Good Friday Jesus died on a cross; On Easter Sunday Jesus rose alive from the grave
        -Through his death and resurrection, Jesus accomplished salvation for God’s people
                    -This salvation is a free gift offered to all who come to Jesus by faith.
 -Reflecting on the wonderful reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection, in 2 Tim 1:10 Paul described it this way:
                                “Jesus abolished death, and brought life and immorality to light
                    -On Good Friday, we considered how Jesus ‘abolished death’ through his death on the cross
                                –TODAY, we consider how ‘Jesus brought life and immorality to light’ through his resurrection
         *Through his resurrection, Jesus brought life and immorality to light, so that we too might experience life and immorality ourselves!

                 3 Questions:
1. Why would Paul describe the work of Jesus as “bringing life and immorality to light”?
2. What is the nature of this life and immorality? 3. How do I get this life and immorality myself?

1 Why would Paul describe the work of Jesus as “bringing life and immorality to light”?
-CONTEXT OF 2 Tim 1:10à 2 Tim 1:8-12:
        1 GOD saved and called a people
(SAVED from sin, death, rebellion, folly, estrangement from God)
        2 GOD saved by grace not our works (distinguishes Christianity from moralism and works based religion)
        3 GOD saved in His timing (rooted in God’s eternal purpose but MANIFESTED in Jesus’ appearing)
        4 GOD saved through Jesus our Savior’s death and resurrection for us:
-Let’s Consider the Phrase bringing life and immortality to light
-Does Paul mean that when Jesus rose from the grave he used a flashlight and shined on life and immorality?
                    -The phrase is a metaphor…
-What does this metaphor communicate?
        -“Bringing something to light
                    -We speak this way:
                                –‘I was in the dark about that…’ hidden menu at In & Out, law, requirement, background fact
                                            -To be in the dark is to be unaware.
                                -‘I have seen the light…’ or ‘in light this new information…’
                                            -Now my perspective is changed because of this NEW knowledge and information!
        -In a real way, Jesus brought something unknown about LIFE & IMMORALITY known and accessible.
-We were ‘in the dark’ about life and immorality that God grants His people
                                -Now we can ‘see the light’ or be in the light about life and immorality God has brought about
                                            -We can grasp them, know them, and experience them.

2 What is the nature of this “LIFE AND IMMORTALITY”?
Lots of things promise us life and immorality in this world.
        May not use this phrase, but certainly promise to satisfy now and into the future.                    -Suburban life: new kitchen, perfect yard, a vacation home on the lake, children excelling in programs
                    -Life through good things: friends, family, success, hobbies, fame, money, health, ease, comfort.
                                -The LIFE & IMMORALITY that Jesus offers is even better and longer lasting!
                                             -It is the life that God SAVES us in the gospel.
*QUESTION: WHAT IS THE NATURE OF THIS “life and immorality
        –Life=Eternal life is given by Jesus: John 10:10, 10:28
-Found in knowing God! (John 17:3)
                                –A gift (not earned) from our loving God for those who believe in Jesus (John 3:16)
Immorality=Life that never ends (synonymous with “eternal life”)
                    -A life that never ends…
                                **CLARIFICATION: Bible teaches that one day there will be resurrection and all will live forever
                                            -Some will live in new heavens and new EarthàImmorality
                                            -Some will experience an eternal death in hellàsecond death

*JESUS made a particular kind of LIFE AND IMMORALITY Known to Us!
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that… was previous unavailable due to sin.
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…even death cannot destroy
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…God gives to those who are saved.
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…
that can only Jesus can give.
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…that is founding in knowing and loving God
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…that is made up of a community of people redeemed in Christ
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…never ends.
Jesus made known eternal life and immorality that…that begins in this life.
-Eternal life has begun already for the Christian, it leads to joy and gladness now!
                                -For the Christian, far greater joys are coming.
                                            -For the unbeliever, this life is the best it will get.

3 How do we get this LIFE and IMMORTALITY?
-Through Union with Christ
        -Union with Christ means a kind of real, spiritual uniting with Christ that allows us to share in the salvation he
          achieved by his death and resurrection.
        -2 Tim 2:11a
“If we died with him, we will also live with him”
        -Col 2:13-14: made alive together with Christ (spiritual resurrection)
        -Col 3:1–raised with Christ (spiritual resurrection)

-A Christian is someone who has a UNION w/Christ and enjoys the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection.
                    -We came into this world under the way of Adam
                                -Way of sin, death, unbelief
                    -If we are Christians, we have been transferred to be spiritually united with Jesus
                                -This includes a spiritual resurrection!


-Be born again and experience the spiritual new birth (John 3)
                    -It is a supernatural work of God, that only God the Holy Spirit can bring about.
                                -The Holy Spirit has to gives new spiritual birth
                                            -It is a work impossible for us, but possible for God who saves and calls
-Hear the invitation of Jesus and come to him in faith.
        –Believe in Jesus and you will be saved: Rom 10:9-10
                                -If you do embrace Jesus as your God and king, believe in him, repent of sin, follow him, show
                                fruit of a changed life, then you have evidence of NEW BIRTH.

CLOSE: Do you have this life? Receive it as a gift through FAITH!
        Come humbly to Jesus in faith, and place all of your hope in trust in him.

The LIFE that Jesus has revealed and offers REALLY is BETTER…

The reward [for the Christian]…will be God himself…who gave the promise of himself, the best and greatest of all promises… He will be the goal of all our longings; and we shall see him forever; we shall love him without satiety; we shall praise him without wearying. This will be the duty, the delight, the activity of all, shared by all who share the life of eternity.” (“City of God” 22.30)

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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