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Preaching Daniel 4

Working away at our sermon series on book of Daniel at our church in Naperville, Cross of Christ Fellowship.

Here’s some notes from my Daniel 4 sermon prep:

Main idea: God is the true KING “Most High rules over the kingdoms of men and gives them to whomever he wills” (17, 26, 32). This would have ministered to the Israelite in exile, as it does the Christian who is in spiritual exile. We live in a universe and world under God’s kingly rule.

Supporting idea: Pride is folly (Neb’s story and closing verse “those who walk in pride he is able to humble”). Pride really is foolishness because it forgets that God is king and not us. This chapter shows the folly of pride—God is able to humble even the most powerful king on earth. True wisdom is humility.

Gospel connection: God the Most High has sent His Son to save us from our sin and pride and reconcile us to Him. Now we get to know and experience a relationship with God Most High. The transcendent God becomes a God closer to us than anyone else. God leads us in the beautiful path of humility and holiness and living as members of God’s kingdom.

If you would like to hear some of the sermons in Daniel, they can be found here.

By Tom Schmidt

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