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Preaching’s Priority! Acts 6:1-7 Sermon Outline

Here’s the sermon for my “Preaching’s Priority” Acts 6:1-7 sermon, preached at Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville.

  “Priority of Preaching” Acts 6:­1-7
: Nehemiah built Jerusalem wall faced many challenges: getting to Israel, resources, enemies slandering & threatening.
        -Also faced internal challenges: nobles refusing to serve, oppression of poor, compromise from with community
 -John Stott notes: Early Church faced challenges from outside and inside.
         –Outside: Jewish Religious Leaders trying to silence them, threats, imprisonment.
         –Inside: internal challenges within the community threaten the advance of God’s Church.
Today: Internal challenges within threaten to hinder the preaching of the gospel!
        -Jesus has called his people to be on mission by proclaiming Jesus=PRIORITY of preaching.
            -We’ve seen: apostles are committed to preaching the gospel, even in the face of persecution!
                    -Today, we see a challenge to keep preaching from within: Other good tasks can get in the way!
                                -We can lose what God wants us to prioritize for other things.
        -How will God deliver his people from this, so that the gospel will continue to be preached?
        -Will good things get in the way of the right thing and stop the church from advancing and preaching the gospel?

                    M.I.: God helps his church keep the priority of preaching through the provision of people to share in the work of ministry.
-WE go astray when we lose PRIORITY of preaching the gospel
                                -But GOD PROVIDES for His church  through other Christians to help share in the ministry
        -We face the same challenge today as Christians: good things can hinder us prioritizing and practicing preaching
        -Christians have the same opportunity to address this challenge: join in serving for the advance of the gospel!           
God helps his church keep the priority of preaching through the provision of people to share in the work of ministry.
2 P’s!: 1. Priority of Preaching (1-2); 2. Provision of God (3-7)

-In life there are many good things to do, but it is important we prioritize the right things.
        -Imagine, driving a car & only focusing on music & ignoring putting gas in the car? Would u get where u need to be?
        -Imagine wanting to be a great baseball player but only focusing on have right cleats for your feet…
        -Imagine I wanted to be a godly father but never read the Bible or prayed with my children…
        -Imagine I wanted a healthy marriage, but never spent time with my spouse…
                    -AS THE CHURCH ADVANCES, God’s people must keep preaching the gospel a priority.
                                -Other good things matter (community, feeding poor, caring for widows)
                                            -But we can’t strive for these things at the expense of PREACHING the gospel.
                                                        -PREACHING must remain a PRIORITY for the church.

A Time of Growth (6:1a): 6:1 Now in these days when the disciples were increasing in number
        -Lots of people are becoming Christians!
                    -REMEMBER context: apostles are committed to preaching the gospel, even in the face of persecution.
        -The church grows and kingdom advances as the gospel is preached.
                    -There is no substitute. We must keep preaching the gospel
                                -Sunday mornings; in relationship with others.

A Danger from within Threatens the Church (6:1b-2)
A situation from WITHIN the church that threatened mission of preaching the gospel.
        -Problem Within (READ 1a):
-2 Groups of Christians both Jewish: Hellenist—Greek speaking & Hebrew—Aramaic/Hebrew
                                -Hellenistic widows were “being neglected in daily distribution
                                            -System in place to provide financially/food for widows
                                                        -For some reason, Hellenist (Greek-speaking) group is being neglected.
                                                                    -What will the apostles do?
        -An Even Great Problem Arises Because of the First Problem (READ 2)
-“twelve… said, “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables.”
-Apostles were called to preach God’s Word and bear witness to Jesus
                                            -This ministry to widows—good ministry—was hindering preaching of God’s Word.         -SAME TODAY: We must keep the main thing—preaching God’s Word—the main thing.                                    
                     -Pastors especially are called to faithfully devote hours in the week to sermon prep and prayer.
 QUESTION: Does our culture value preaching of God’s Word?
         -We must value and prioritize it, and come on Sunday morning eager to hear God’s Word preached.                                                         –NOTE: Mercy min still important (Aspirin, FMSC), but not at expense of God’s Word preached

        -Pray that we as a church keep preaching God’s Word and evangelism (sharing God’s to the lost) a priority
                    -Pray for me as a pastor, that I would practice evangelism more faithfully, and you lead you well in this.
                                -Pray for our church, that we grow in sharing the gospel with others: (Summer fellowship rhythm)


How will the apostles deal with this internal challenge that is threatening the advance of the gospel?
      *God helps his church keep the priority of preaching
through the provision of people.
                    -The apostles (and pastors/elders/deacons) are not the only called to minister.
                                -All Christians play a role in the kingdom and work together to see God’s work accomplished today
-BEHOLD: SOLUTION from the Spirit-filled apostles (READ 3-4)
         –SOLUTION (3-4): others serving:  “pick out from among you seven men… whom we will appoint to this duty.”
                     -Possible origin of the Deaconate
                                 -2 Office of Church: Elder and Deacon
                                             -CCF: 1 Year from now have deacons/deaconesses in place.
         -Importance of character: men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom
                                -More important charisma or mere competency
                                            -This informs us as we seek others to help in the work of ministry.
        -Apostles are Freed up to preach and prayer! (v 4)                
APP: 1. Give thanks to those who already serve: John, Paul, Aynsley, nursery, Lord’s Supper, slides, Diego, Denise
         2. Acknowledge need: As Wilkins leave, and as we move forward as a church, we need others to step up and serve.
                    -Financial Leader, worship leader, deacons, future elders, Worldview Curriculum Sunday School Leaders
                                -Pray for John as he tries to finish his elder candidacy this Fall.
                                            -Pray for us as plan to constitute in January.
                                                        -Pray for wisdom in raising up leaders and delegation.
*GOSPEL-DRIVEN MOTIVATION TO SERVE: Saved to love, serve others for the advance of God’s kingdom.
        SIN: Leads us to selfishness and a refusal to serve others: we live for our own kingdom.
                    -Cancer of consumerism: what can I get out of church? What can you give me?
        JESUS: Lord of glory came, and came serving: Phil 2:5-11.
                    -Now we take on the attitude of Phil 2:1-4.
                                -Further, now we have a glorious task of seeing the gospel proclaimed.
                                            -We serve and preach the gospel because we see the truth: CHRIST is PRECIOUS!

God’s Provision through People (6:5-6)
        -God’s provision through seven godly individuals (5-6)                    –NOTE: Stephen and Philip (will be mentioned again)
                                -God’s provision was through believers stepping up to serve and lead others.
OBSERVE: God’s faithful and kind provision.
        –SAME today. I often feel this way on a Sunday—praise God for His people serving and helping.

                    M.I.: God helps his church keep the priority of preaching through the provision of people to share in the work of ministry.

A 3rd P! POWER of GOD’S WORD (6:7)
        -Word of God continued to increase (7a) And the word of God continued to increase,
-Apostles freed up to preach the gospel!
        -Number of disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem (7b) and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem
-Church grows as more hear and respond to the gospel.
                                -It good to serve our neighbor, but there is no replacement to the gospel.
        -Great many of the priests became Christians! (7c) and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.
                    -How delightful and encouraging after reading of persecutions and Pharisees in gospel accounts
                                -This is God’s marvelous and beautiful grace, transforming hearts.
                                            -Gospel is different than mere church attendance or religion.

NAPERVILLE: God’s Word is powerful and the gospel can transform hearts and lives of those who live here!
        -Let’s pray, serve, and share the gospel, that—for God’s glory—others would come to faith in Christ!

: Praise God for how He helps his church keep preaching the gospel and enables us to serve in love.    
        -May God’s word bear much fruit in our lives and in the lives of those around us!

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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