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Questions to Help You Study Jonah

Here’s some questions to help you study and understand the message of Jonah. If you would like to listen to some my sermons on the book, you can find them here.

-What is the structure of the book?
-What is Jonah about?
-Is there an overarching theme?
-What is the context? (2 Kings 14:23-27) And how does this context help one understand the book?
-What are NT connections? (Matt 12:38-41)
-What does this book teach us about God?
-How has your understanding of Jonah changed since we have gone through it as a church?
-Gospel connections?

-How does this book lead me to adore God? What are things here that I can praise God for?
-How might I be called to live differently? Believe differently?
-How do you see yourself acting similar to Jonah?
-How does the truth about God’s mercy and how relates/pursues Jonah comfort you?
-What are some practical ways we can grow in having a compassionate heart to the lost around us?

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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