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Our church, Cross of Christ Fellowship, has begun meeting in person for Sunday morning worship services in Naperville.

We are currently unable to meet in the building we have been renting in downtown Naperville due to COVID 19 restrictions–we are too large to safely meet indoors–but we are able to meet outdoors while social distancing. We meet on Sunday mornings from 10-11 in someone’s backyard.

We practice social distancing, encourage those who are ill to stay home, take disposable communion, and wear masks while not in our spaced out circles.

We also have a live zoom component for those who cannot attend in person.

Some Changes We Have Made

As a church we have made some changes to our Sunday morning gathering to better service our members and accommodate to our current situation.

-FAMILY INTEGRATED SERVICE. We are unable to offer nursery or a separate children’s ministry. Children remain with parents for the entire service.

-SHORTER SERVICE TIME. Before COVID-19, our services were typically 1.5 hours, now they are under an hour.

-SHORTER SERMON. Our sermons are closer to 20 minutes, while they used to be closer to 40 minutes. This is to serve families with young children. We are currently looking at the 7 I AM statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John. You can listen to them here.

The Privilege of Meeting Together

Bonhoeffer once wrote about the absolute privilege of being in the presence of another Christian. COVID-19 reminds us of this. We should not take for granted how sweet it is to be in the presence and fellowship of other Christians.

If you are in the Naperville area and would like to attend a Sunday morning service, please reach out to us through our website connect page here to receive more details about our Sunday morning gatherings.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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