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Death Defeated (Easter Sermon)

Here’s the notes from my Easter sermon “Death Defeated” preached at Cross of Christ Fellowship in Naperville, Il. Audio here.

Luke 24:36-43 “Death Defeated” (Easter 2023 sermon)

INTRO: Have you ever heard good news about something and struggled to believe, because it seemed too good to be true?
        -A friend who thought she could not have a baby, gets pregnant
        -The dream job you always wanted becomes available and employer offers you the position.
        -A distant relative passes away and leaves you with an enormous inheritance.
        -A family member, whom you have been praying for years about, becomes a Christian
                    -Some things feel too good to be true, but upon closer examination reveal they are true.
                                -The resurrection Jesus Christ is a bit like this: sounds too good to be true, but is true!
TODAY, we take a look together at the VERY first Easter, the day that Jesus rose from the dead
        -We’ll hear and consider against the astonishingly great news: Jesus is alive!
        -We’ll also consider why that good news is relevant to us today.Context: Jesus fulfilled his earthly ministry, was arrest, crucified, died, was buried, and this is now the 3rd day.
        -Strange and wonderful events that have proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus:
                    –Women arrive at empty tomb is empty and two angels declare to them that Jesus has risen from the dead;
                    –2 disciples on road to Emmaus encounter Jesus; Peter has seen Jesus.
                                -Jesus’ disciples are gathered together but still do not fully believe or grasp Jesus is alive.

The Resurrected Jesus Appears to His Disciples (Luke 24:36-43)
-The resurrected Jesus appeared to his disciples (READ 36)
        -Jesus comes to his disciples
                    -Sounds like a supernatural arrival, as the doors were locked (John 20:19)
        -Jesus speaks PEACE to his followers “peace to you”.
                    -Jesus is the ‘prince of peace’: He wants his followers to experience the peace that only He can give.
-The disciples’ initial reaction was fear and misunderstanding (READ 37)
KIDS, why do you think the disciples were startled and frightened? (they thought they saw a spirit).
                    -The disciples knew that dead people stay dead
-Jesus reassures them by showing his real physical body (READ 38-40)
        -Jesus addresses their fear “Why are you troubled, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?”
                    -Jesus is the perfect counselor, infinitely wise and tenderly loving toward his people.
        -Jesus asks his disciples to look at his hands and feet.
                    –KIDS: Why does Jesus do that? (“See…that it is myself”): These marks were from cross and identify Jesus.
        -Invites them to “touch” Him and shows “his hands and feet
                    -Jesus is giving proof that he really is the same Jesus who died on a cross
                    -Jesus is giving proof that he was not a spirit, but the resurrected Jesus, with a physical body.
*SIDEBAR: Did you the Bible’s present of our future is a physical?
        -Not disembodied (that is true temporarily), but physical: the resurrection of the Dead at End of History
                    -Physical perfect bodies and live with each other in the new Earth
                                -But for those not reconciled with God, there is also the reality of hell—many will go there.
-Jesus provides further reassurance by asking for food and eating with them (READ 41-43)        -Truth of Jesus’ resurrection seemed to good to be true: “still disbelieved for joy and were marveling,
                    -Their lord and savior, who died a brutal death, had rose again. This is amazing!
        -Jesus eats with his disciples (41-42)
                    -Not an insignificant, random detail, but further proof that Jesus was physically resurrected & there with them.
                                -Immaterial spirits cannot eat, only those with physical bodies.
RECAP: Jesus Christ is alive! He revealed himself to his disciples and gave them further proof to deal with their fears.

        -JESUS was SUCCESSFUL in delivering his people from their sins: resurrection is proof he succeeded.
        -JESUS is trustworthy, and we can trust him for the promise of eternal life: he said it would happen & it did!
        -DEATH HAS BEEN DEFEATED: Jesus conquered death and sin for us. Jesus more powerful than death
                    -If we are Christians, we share in his victory!

CLOSE: BELIEVE on Jesus and you too will be raised to spiritual life now and eternal life in the world to come.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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