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An Invitation to My Agnostic Friends

An Invitation to My Agnostic Friends

A Word, as a Christian, to my AGNOSTIC friends about Knowledge, and an invitation to the one who gives us true and certain knowledge:
You rightly recognize the audacious claims of those who assert they possession knowledge of ultimate reality and God. (It is a bold statement to claim such knowledge about God and reality.) You also rightly recognize that competing statements about God (Jesus is God and Jesus is not God for instance) cannot both be true at the same time and in the same way (this would violate the law of non-contradiction).

But, you overlook the fact that your position (the position that says ‘knowledge about God and big questions of existence are outside of our access’) is itself an AUDACIOUS metaphysical claim. For you are claiming to know that this knowledge about God and reality is out of reach and inaccessible—how do you know this?—and you are claiming that every other view is wrong—you do so by asserting that religions are just cultural [mis]understandings of God which are not tethered to objective truth. Also, you have to borrow from the Christian worldview to make your statements of unbelief and agnosticism; we see this in how you hold to the trustworthiness of your sense perception, the validity of logic, and the uniformity of nature—all things which rely on the reality of the God of the Bible who established the world in such a way that these are possible.

You say that you long for certain and ultimate knowledge of God and reality but, really, it seems that you take shelter in the view that such metaphysical knowledge is out of reach. One perceived advantage of agnosticism is that offers you freedom, freedom to live how you wish and think how you wish. You recognize that if you have true knowledge about God, then you would be accountable to live and think differently.

But there is a better way: Jesus tells us the truth about God reality, and is himself the truth (John 14:6). He rescues from the false shelter of agnosticism and brings us into the true shelter of knowledge in Himself. He died for our rebellion and unbelief, and brings us into the family of God and true knowledge of God. This is the knowledge we really need, and here there is freedom, joy, and everlasting life.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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