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Romans 9-11 Sermon Prep

I’m getting ready to preach through Romans 9-11 at Cross of Christ Fellowship.

Here’s the flow of thought:

Paul’s Broken HEART Over Unbelieving Physical Israel (9:1-5)
The Word of God has Not Failed, God’s Purpose of Election Carries On (9:6-13)                    
God is not UNJUST to Determine Whom He Will Have Mercy On (9:14-18)
God’s Purpose in Vessels of Wrath Prepared for Destruction (9:19-29)        
Righteousness by Faith is Lost to Physical Israel Who Sought it by Works (9:30-10:4)                    
Righteousness Based on Faith Brings Salvation to All Who Believe (10:5-13)                                
Faith Comes Through Hearing, but Israel Refused to Believe (10:14-21)        
God has Not Rejected All Israel, but a Remnant are Chose by Grace (11:1-6)                    
Israel Failed to Obtain What It Was Seeking (Righteousness), But Elect Obtained It (11:7-10)                                 Trespass Led to Salvation for Gentiles but Full Inclusion Even Greater Results (11:11-16)                                             Gentiles: Don’t Become Proud (11:17-25)                                                        
The Partial Hardening of Israel for Now (11:25-32) 
A Doxology Rejoicing in God’s Judgments and Ways (11:33-35)

And in a more concise way, I think this is the flow of thought:

Wrestling with the Problem of Unbelieving Israel (Romans 9-11)
Intro: Paul’s Heart is Broken over Unbelieving Israel (9:1-5)
I. Understanding the Situation Part 1: God’s Word has Not Failed; God’s Purpose of Election Prevails (9:6-29)
Understanding the Situation Part 2: Physical Israel Sought Righteousness by Works, but Salvation is through Faith (9:30-10:21)
III. Understanding the Situation Part 3: God has Not Rejected All Israel, but A Remnant Are Chosen By Grace (11:1-32)
Conclusion: A Doxology Celebrating God’s Judgments and Ways (11:33-35)

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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