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THE Good News

The Gospel is THE Good News

I have been preaching through the book of Titus at our church, Cross of Christ Fellowship. It has been a joy and seems so relevant to us in this season of life and ministry.

Lately, one thought has been coming to my mind, as I’ve been reflecting on the content of what I’ve been preaching. That thought is this: The GOSPEL, or heart of the Christian faith, almost seems too good to be true! So much of what I have been able to preach and proclaim seems so wonderful and good, that it is easy to wonder how could this really be true and how could God really be this good to us? I believe it is TRUE and I also believe that I have been faithful to preach what the text says–in other words, I have not been just saying things that are pleasant (actually, every week I have also spoken of the heinousness sin and the ugliness of how sin ruins everything).

As I have been preaching what the text says, I find myself pondering how the gospel really is THE good news. Here are some of the wonderful things I have been able to preach about as I have proclaimed portions of the book of Titus each week: in the gospel we have access to the truth about reality and a hope of eternal life that transforms all of our living now; God has shown us how the church is to look and has provided for us shepherds (elders) to care for our souls while we live under Christ the great Shepherd; in the Gospel we are made pure through Christ and all of our sins have been washed away; God‘s redemption of us in Christ is beautiful and He brings beauty into our lives and promises us an eternity of beauty in Him and with each other. Taken together, all of these realities are outrageously GOOD. And that is what the gospel is, it is THE GOOD NEWS.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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