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Thomas Brooks’ Word to Preachers

The puritan Thomas Brooks has this word to preachers about how they ought to preach and live:

Gentlemen, either preach as the minsters of Jesus Christ ought to preach–viz., plainly, spiritually, powerfully, feelingly, fervently, frequently, &c., and live as the ministers of Jesus Christ ought to live–viz., heavenly, graciously, holily, humbly, righteously, harmlessly, and exemplarily, &c., or else lay down your very names of being the ministers of Jesus Christ, and put no longer a cheat upon yourselves, nor upon the people, by making them believe that you are the only ministers of Jesus Christ, when you have nothing of the spirit of Christ, nor of the anointings of Christ, nor of the grace of Christ, nor of the life of Christ in you.”

(from “The Crown and Glory of Christianity” by Thomas Brooks, [complete Works, Vol 4, page 30])

By Tom Schmidt

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