Writings on Christianity

God’s Amazing Providence

All of reality is under your kind providence O God,
Below the stars above,
Come and let us behold our great God!
Descriptions all fall short of your infinite greatness.
Everywhere I turn, I see the marks of your hands:
Falling leaves,
Green fields,
Hardened icicles,
Invisible things.
Joyful happenings and painful sorrows,
Kindness I perceive and miss,
Love from my great God of providence.
Majestic is your understanding,
Nearer to me than even I am to myself.
Oh, that my heart would never wander from you!
Please, let me rejoice in your sovereign care again.
Quiet my heart, so quick to fret.
Release me from my worries,
Soothe my aching soul,
Turn me back to your path.
Unleash your grace and mercy.
Very great is my God who rules over all,
Wielding power in mercy and grace.
eXult Him, all you saints!
You hold my life in your hands.
Zealous for you, make me forever.

By Tom Schmidt

Christian, husband of Rach, Church Planter,musician,

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